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Ebay Title Keywords


Ebay Title Keywords


Ebay Title Keywords (Ebay Title Keywords 80 Characters Limit)

Ebay Title Keywords
Ebay Title Keywords

Ebay offers you great way to advertise your listed items not only on Ebay but on Google as well. When you type in your item’s title it should not exceed 80 character limit. Ebay doesn’t allow long titles in their listings. At the same time it is a good idea to use all of the given space / characters in the title to best describe your merchandise. If you are using Ebay’s website online version of listing your items one by one then it will tell you to the right of the title how many characters you have used in your title. Best way to write a title on your item is to include all words / synonyms of the item you listing. Read more about how to write an outstanding Title for your Item to sell it faster on Ebay.

Ebay Title Keywords! Listing Items One By One Through Ebay Online Service

When you write a Ebay Title Keywords for your items, make sure you filled out entire line to describe your listing. You want to use all 80 characters or at least 78, 79 characters of available space to describe your item. Let me reveal you little secret about Ebay… Their title and description spots are the best ones for Search Engines to read as well as specifics. Most of all title is your number one priority to advertise your merchandise not only on Ebay but as well on Google. If you simply go and search for any item on Ebay and then copy entire title word for word all 80 characters and then search it on Google – you will get this item as a search result on Google on the 2nd or 3rd row. If not then listing is probably brand new and item was listed less than 2 weeks ago. This is what you pay Ebay, when you list your item it goes to search engines and therefore Ebay decided to charge their sellers a small amount of fee per every listing they make.

Ebay Title Keywords
Ebay Title Keywords

Ebay Title Keywords

The Best way to write your Title is to use all adjectives to describe your item as best as possible. One of the effective ways to sell your item faster on Ebay is to use “Synonyms” of your item and include them in the title. For example two people might be searching for the exactly same thing but using completely different search terms. Here are synonyms for Bed-stand Furniture: bed-stand, night table, nightstand, table by bed, bed table, furniture, lamp stand. Here is the list of good websites where you can type in the item you sell and check for synonyms. You might want to filter some of the words they consider synonyms because not all of them will be identical description to what you sell. Check Out websites / synonyms dictionaries:

1. The Saurus

2. Memodata Synonyms

3. Dictionary Reference

Ebay Title Keywords

When you write synonyms and adjectives make sure all of them closely related to your item. When you include adjectives try your best to describe the item’s color, size, gender, brand, material, style, etc. Some people include original price of the item if they sell it for less and have original tags to prove it. Usually this kind of clothes are pre-owned or purchased in bulk from unsold pile in companies and stores.

Ebay Title Keywords
Ebay Title Keywords

Ebay Title Keywords! Don’t Worry About the “Subtitle ($1.50)” on Ebay

Ebay made an option long ago to include Subtitles for listed items on Ebay. This option only takes your money out of your pocket. It does nothing good, nothing special, and it doesn’t look that attractive under title of your item. Plus if you sell items under $1000 then you should definitely not bother by Subtitle. Ebay charges too many fees already to pay them extra for Subtitle.

Ebay Title Keywords! *Condition on Ebay Listing

Ebay Title Keywords
Ebay Title Keywords

Every category on Ebay uses different condition options. There could be additional conditions if you sell computer parts or appliance parts. And there might be totally different categories for clothing. Therefore selling on Ebay Store is always good with one field of business. Make sure you do not lie or hide any facts about condition of your listed item. You might not “accept returns” and mention it on your description but when you sign up as a seller on Ebay – you have to connect PayPal account to receive money. When you sign up with them you automatically Agree to PayPal’s 30 days return policy. Sometimes they modify amount of days item can be returned but over all it is still out there and your item will be returned if merchant knows this policy or contacts Ebay or PayPal over the phone. Now Ebay purchased PayPal and not that many people know that fighting with any of them will not do any good for your Ebay Seller’s Account. Since PayPal is purchased by Ebay it gives them full right to be on the side of merchant if he or she can prove you lied on the condition or didn’t describe your item as it was received. Another small secret about Ebay: technical support Ebay Specialists can see how your description was on the day 1 you listed item, on any day of your listed item, even after you changed the description to something different, they can still see the original description on their other end. So if merchant bought your item and you changed a description on the next day or hour – it is definitely a red flag for Ebay & PayPal representatives in case of returns. Therefore make sure you include all the details in the description, highlight it in bold, and if item is damaged in any way – include it in the title because some people shop on their phones and never read description of items on Ebay. Be careful with how you change your description over the time your item is listed. Especially when it was just sold – try not to change main text as how the item was originally described. Feel free to edit style or design, or add additional text to description but do not remove or delete any specifics about damaged item after it’s being purchased by someone.

Ebay Title Keywords. Excel File Upload / File Exchange Listing Items, How to Count & Not Exceed 80 Character Limit

Ebay Title Keywords
Ebay Title Keywords

If you are listing items via File Exchange System and use Excel Spread Sheets then at some point you will face the issue with ERRORS and one of them will be Exceeding 80 Character Limit of your title. Here I will explain how to see how many characters you typed in your title to prevent Errors in File Upload.

Excel uses formulas and different formats to save your files. To save a lot of time and simplify the process of listing items in bulk you want to create decent spread sheet with all kinds of formulas to help you save time and repetition. After you created your spread sheet with all the formulas you have to save this file in the “CSV Comma Delimited” format or “Text / .txt” format to upload it later on Ebay.

One of the most amazing Excel formulas is “=LEN” which let’s you calculate amount of characters you used. Let’s Say you want to see how many characters you typed in column “E2” and you want to see the number of characters displayed in column “F2” then simply use formula  “=LEN(E2)” by placing this formula into “F2” column and then apply this formula for entire column by dragging down result of “F2’s” formula.

For List of Excel Formulas for Ebay’s Listing Items go to this page –> Excel Formulas for Ebay Bulk Uploads and bookmark it because if you planning on listing items in bulk or even keeping a data base of your stock – most likely you will need to use Excel Formulas.

Manage Ebay Title Keywords through Excel Formulas

List of Useful Excel Formulas for Ebay File Exchange:


Displays amount of characters in column A2, insert this formula to any column such as B2 or C2 to see how many characters you have used in A2

=LEFT(A2, LEN(A2)-2)

Automatically Deleting last two characters including spaces from contents of A2 column

=RIGHT(A2, LEN(A2)-8)

Automatically deleting first 8 characters including spaces from A2 column


Formula to Remove All Characters Left of Hyphen “-” in the column A2, if you want to remove all characters on the left side after any other symbol symply replace Hyphen Symbol in Quotes with the Symbol you want for example “*” or “&”


Show average amount between cells A1 to A20


Count the cells that have a value. For example, if you had =COUNTIF(A1:A20,”ACTIVE”) place this formula in cell A21 then anywhere between A1 through A20 that has the word ACTIVE would be counted as 1, so if you had 5 cells that had the word ACTIVE – A21 would say 5.

Fun Facts About Ebay: 

  • In 2001 private jet was sold on eBay for $4.9 million.
  • Ebay Recently Purchased PayPal for $1.5 Billion.
  • Ebay reported earnings of $307.2 million.
  • Revenue from PayPal, eBay’s online payment unit, rose by 51 percent.
  • Ebay Doesn’t Allow Any Personal Emails In Their Listings, Descriptions & Stores.
  • 80 Character Title Automatically & Additionally Includes Keyword of Your Item’s Condition.
  • Listing Items on Ebay with Edited White Background Increases a Chance for item to be sold faster.
  • Ebay Offers to list items from 150 and more per month without listing fees of 25 cents, 15 cents or 5 cents.
    Best Way To Sell More On Ebay if You have enormous quantity of the same items for lowest price to be listed.
  • Ebay triggers title of your listing on Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN to display your items and attract more buyers.
  • Truthful description of the item’s condition will avoid inconvinience during returns.
  • Uploading additional Image of damaged corner or spot of your listed item will offer you a chance to ask Ebay to remove negative feedback posted by buyer after purchasing your pre-owned item.
  • Ebay deosn’t allow any transactions outside of Ebay. Otherwise it will violate Ebay’s policy and will cause a permanent store suspension.
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