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Importance of Updating WordPress

Importance of Updating WordPress
Importance of Updating WordPress

Importance of Updating WordPress:

  1. Update Your WordPress to stay in touch with the latest tools & plugins
  2. Updated WordPress Website doesn’t have common / previous version errors
  3. Updated WordPress Website or Blog Will Avoid and Reduce Vulnerabilities
  4. Once your WordPress & Plugins are Updated – Your Website Loading Time Will Be Reduced
  5. Rank Your Website Higher on Google! Updated WordPress Speeds Up Loading Time.
  6. Updated Plugins & Themes might change Appearance of Your Website (Be Advised).
  7. WordPress Always Keeps Updating Their Application to Make it Easier & Secure
  8. Updated WordPress Application Accepts Newer Versions of Coding Languages
  9. Simplicity in Working Manually and Visually instead of coding through HTML5
  10. Update your WordPress and Plugins to Reduce Incompatibility between Plugins.
  11. New Features, Options and Settings to Save You Time and Simplify Your Work.
  12. Don’t forget to update your Mobile App for WordPress Application too!

Importance of Updating WordPress. How to Set Up Automatic WordPress Update and Plugins Update?

There are few ways on how to set up automatic WordPress Application updates. Usually automatic WordPress update would be one of the optional settings in your cPanel. If you have a cPanel from your hosting provider then it should be very simple to set up automatic WordPress Website Update and WordPress Plugins update. You can contact your hosting provider to assist you with advanced settings to set up automatic WordPress update and Plugins Update. Here I will display ways to set up Automatic WordPress Update through Hosting Provider of Lakshmi Hosting.

Importance of Updating WordPress

Here is a Quick GuideĀ to show you an example of how to set Automatic Updates for WordPress, Plugins and Theme (Note… I would highly recommend you to set up Automatic Website Backup with your hosting provider if you are planning to set automatic plugins update and theme updates):

Importance of Updating WordPress
Step 1! Access cPanel Through Hosting to Adjust Your WordPress Settings
Importance of Updating WordPress
Step 2. Find Your WordPress Application Icon in Your cPanel Window.
Importance of Updating WordPress
Step 3. Click on “My Applications” once you see WordPress Main Page of Your Applications.
Importance of Updating WordPress
Step 4. Select your website, blog or WordPress Application if you have more than one website hosted. Importance of Updating WordPress!
Importance of Updating WordPress
Step 5. Adjust your WordPress Settings based on your preference. Importance of Updating WordPress.

Importance of Updating WordPress

What are the Pros and Cons of Updating WordPress Application, WordPress Plugins and Themes?

Importance of Updating WordPress Downside:

There is always a downside to certain functions and updates in WordPress. The best example would be updated WordPress Plugins. Sometimes WordPress Plugins become incompatible with other plugins or newer versions of WordPress Application. If WordPress updated major components of it’s platform and some of the plugins haven’t been updated by developer – most likely it will cause errors on your website, slow down your WordPress, increasing loading time of your website and in some cases crash your WordPress Control Panel. One of the perfect examples would be plugins “bbPress” and “Woocommerce”. Once “Woocommerce” updated their eCommerce plugin – it caused significant damage to our website due to outdated and incompatible plugin “bbPress”. We wanted to combine “Forum” with Free eCommerce Plugin from “Woocommerce” for enhanced website visitor experience. However there is always a solution to WordPress errors. If your plugin is incompatible, outdated or slows down your website – it is time to search for similar plugins made by other developers. Sometimes it’s worth spending little bit of money for your favorite WordPress Plugin if you 100% sure that developer keeps updating and improving it.

Importance of Updating WordPress
Importance of Updating WordPress.

How to Find Out if Some of Your WordPress Plugins… Slow Down Your Website or WordPress Application?

Is there way to fix or prevent such things to never happen to your WordPress Website? The Answer is “YES” there is a way to find and eliminate incompatible plugins. One of the easy ways – is to download a Free Plugin made by developers from GoDaddy “P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)” which “allows you to scan your WordPress application for errors, incompatible plugins and even malware” according to GoDaddy Hosting Provider Representatives. It is definitely one of the best plugins to eliminate incompatible plugins on your WordPress Website or Blog.


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