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New Age Marketing

Understanding and Categorizing Social Media Marketing

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter New Age Marketing!

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new age marketing social media marketing

Social Media Marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years. Money, competition and marketing became top priorities. Every year there are more and more websites and companies that changed their strategy from offering free marketing tools to pay per click and pay per view marketing strategy. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Yelp all became PPC type of marketing platforms. Unlike Google AdWords – Facebook and Twitter charge less per clicks and views.

Facebook and Twitter

When Facebook and Twitter were free – many businesses and marketing specialists wanted to get likes and followers on their social media accounts. Last year everything changed and therefore goals and priorities became different. Today it is important to go after sales, conversion rates, leads and online traffic.

New Age Marketing! Let’s prioritize and categorize Social Media Platforms.

Facebook Marketing (Free Marketing / Posting without Boosting). This type of marketing is definitely one of the best ways to promote your blog, articles, books, entertainment videos and pictures, non-profit organizations, ultimately beautiful models, actors, bodybuilders, bands and digital music makers. This type of strategy works best for people with passion, interest, good looks, unique skills and rare talents. Their posts are frequently being liked, shared and many social media users comment on their photos and posts. Knowing upfront what exactly works in Free Facebook Marketing Strategy can save you time, patience and hard work. Therefore I want to announce to you that you are very lucky individual if you are falling into one of the categories that I just mentioned.

New Age Marketing! PPC – Pay Per Click and Pay Per View Marketing with Facebook.

This type of Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing Refers to Paying Per Click for your advertisement just like with Google Adwords or Bing and Yahoo Ads. You pay only when registered and logged-in Facebook user makes a click on your ad that is displayed within news feed or somewhere on the side of their facebook page. Facebook ads usually displayed somewhere on the right sidebar. This type of Social Media Marketing could be highly beneficial to Online Jewelry Sellers, Ecommerce Websites, Branding and Advertising Online Tools. PPC Facebook is a great alternative to Google Adwords. However it’s not the best option for advertising services or local stores. Pay Per Click is definitely great option for promoting your items, books, music, clothing and jewelry. In addition it could be a great place to promote something unique and profitable.


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