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Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry


Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry

5 Luxury Tips for Social Media Marketing!

Best Ways to Advertise Luxury and Expansive Products through Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing for Engagement rings, Diamond rings, Antique Jewelry, Necklaces, Gold Jewelry!

Social Media Marketing Luxury JewelryThis is one of the best and some of the most creative tips that I would love to share with you when it comes to selling High End Jewelry, Watches and Clothing on Ebay, Amazon and Your Ecommerce Store. Here I want to describe importance of auto-posting and manual posting of High End Products to Social Media Sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google Plus. Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry!

Why Luxury and Expansive Items can be advertised on Social Media Sites?

Expansive diamond jewelry, engagement rings, luxury cars, high end Omega watches and Rolex Watches considered to be cool and something great to share on social media with friends, family, co-workers and classmates. Especially if it’s catchy, mesmerizing and one of a kind item! If you happen to be in the business of Diamond Jewelry – most of the time you will always have a smaller stock of items that tend to be one of a kind. Especially if you are buying, consigning and reselling antique jewelry.

Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry, Marketing Specialists and Graphic Designers!

Tip #1 Hire Web-Designer / Graphic Designer! Make Sure He or She Knows and Uses Photoshop & Lightroom!

Your Items Should Display Prestige, Precision, Luxury and Happiness!

Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry
Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry

In order to advertise your one of a kind jewelry – you must have great web-designers under your wing! Professional web-designers and graphic designers will always make your luxury $3,000 item look as if it’s worth $15,000. One of the most important mistakes is to avoid – wasting time and automating process of taking photos without editing and improving images. Wasting time – is posting jewelry manually on each social media account one by one! Today there are hundreds of computer programs, websites, platforms and plugins to automate process of posting luxury items from Ecommerce Store to multiple Social Media Accounts! Some of the top Professional Shopping Carts such as (Lakshmi Hosting and Professional Ecommerce Platform) come with automated social media marketing and social-media-auto-posting features. Make sure to take advantage of this suggestion to save yourself time. Because you or your employee will need that time to dedicate to something far more important to generate more sales for your company. Most important is to avoid automating process of jewelry photography! If your Ebay Store, Website or Amazon started generating significant income then it’s a good time to upgrade your camera, computer, Photoshop and LightRoom! Web-designers and graphic-designers are your best friends and best tools for successful online sales when it comes to Luxury Ecommerce Store.

Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry, High End Watches, Diamond Rings and More!

Tip #2 Proceed with Patience, Dedication, Research and Manual Editing

Warning! Speed-limit! Your Employee posted $7,000 Diamond Ring within 10 minutes!

Social Media Marketing Luxury JewelryWhen I underlined phrase “automating process of taking photos without editing and improving images – it applies to everything within eCommerce Industry of luxury products! Here is a list of things to avoid at any cost:

  1. Automated Excel Spread-Sheets Which Are Used to Generate Descriptions and Titles (commonly used by lazy employees that don’t like researching synonyms, adjectives and related keywords for your high end products, titles, meta description and meta keywords)
  2. Copy & Paste (Word for Word) of any Content, Phrase, Title and Description from your Competitors and Manufacturers
  3. Taking Quick Photos of $10,000 product with professional Camera on Dark Surface, Dirty Gray Surface, Black Background or Dirty White Sheet without any Photoshop and Lightroom editing.

Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry, High End Watches, Better Marketing for Your Business!

Tip #3  E-commerce Models, Ebay Models and Social Media Marketing

Find Someone to Become Your E-commerce Model

Social Media Marketing Luxury JewelryIf you are in the business of Luxury Items that generate you significant profit – hiring local students for photo-shoot of your products should be not a problem. You can find attractive person that will be willing to become Jewelry Model or try on your items! When your visitors browse through your items – they would like to know how it might look on them. Therefore additional few pictures of a person wearing your product could make your visitors to take action: bookmark your item, share your item on social media, register and add it to wishlist, subscribe to your newsletter or even check out few items. It might be hard to find a person that will be willing to become your E-commerce Model (Manikin) and display their face all over the Ebay, Online Store and Social Media Sites. Therefore many Jewelry Sellers take pictures of their hand, neck and chest while wearing gold or diamond jewelry.

Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry, High End Items and Marketing!

Tip #4 Men and Women! Gender Marketing Strategy Applies to Social Media Marketing

Do you Sell Jewelry and Watches for Women or Men? Here is what important to know!

Social Media Marketing Luxury JewelryGender Marketing is not Men vs Women but it is more of a way to understand your customers and percentage of their gender! If you sell diamond jewelry, rings and necklaces, handbags – women is your audience! Therefore it is important to understand how to present your product to your customers. It is important to know what they want to hear and what they want to buy. Sometimes people call it “Profiling”! Profiling is analysis of psychological, behavioral patterns and characteristics of a person that can be identified by Profiler and can be used to predict their actions and purchases. Becoming Marketing Profiler could be one of the most successful choices Sales Person can make! If a Sales Person a good Profiler – they will bring more sales! Same with Marketing Specialists. It is important to be very detail oriented and statistic oriented in marketing of your online business, online store or eBay store. Therefore it’s fair to say that predicting behavior and desires of your online audience could be considered “Profiling”. It is more of a profiling than generalizing your audience. There are two different strategies for marketing when it comes to men and women audience. Men – always want to see information, details, productivity and functions of your  products. Women – want to see comfort, positive feelings, many pictures of your items that include a person with a smile wearing your product. In addition it is import to display how effective and attractive your items! This principle always works when it comes to Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry Sales and Audience Targeting.

Social Media Marketing Luxury Jewelry and Video Marketing!

Tip #5 Get Significant Boost of Shares, Likes and Followers from Posting Videos

Video Marketing is a Big Hit Right Now! Social Media Marketing Merging With Video Marketing!

Social Media Marketing Luxury JewelryProfessional Videos and Videos about Unique Functionality of Exclusive Products Take Priority! Social Media Users tend to share, like and follow pages and posts that display videos of products and their functionality. If you are in the market of diamond jewelry then your approach would be taking videos of jewelry rotating around (360 view) or videos of your customers, visitors or workers wearing jewelry, shooting video for display, zoom in and zoom out affects etc… There are many creative solutions for Video Marketing for every product. Main point is that – good quality video with good creativity can go viral on Social Media Sites. Besides going viral – you will have 100% support from Facebook while posting Video on your Business Page. Facebook lately has been a competitor of Google and therefore YouTube. I noticed how Facebook would allow their Uploaded videos to be promoted faster, easier and better vs a link to YouTube Video. However I think it is important to do both! Upload videos to your Facebook Page and Post YouTube Video Links to your Timeline. Facebook currently doesn’t allow images to be promoted with more than 20% of text. Therefore it is hard to promote a company name, logo with text and even certain items with long names. Therefore Video Marketing is winning! Facebook is okay with Videos being posted and uploaded to Facebook. In-fact their latest update forces everyone to watch videos after scrolling down. I think it is a good hint at all marketing specialists that Professional Video Marketing is dominating today’s Social Media, Branding, Conversions and Social Media Engagement.





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