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What Does PPC Mean in Marketing?


What Does PPC Mean in Marketing?

PPC is an online marketing option that allows sellers and affiliates to advertise their products and increase their website traffic. PPC stands for Pay Per Click, simply allows you to pay per click or to receive money per click. Many website owners generate hundreds and thousands of dollars by receiving money from PPC. To receive money from PPC – you have to put up someone’s advertisement on your website and for every person that clicks on that add – you receive from $0.05 to $0.75 per every click. Here is a chart of making money with PPC by letting others advertise on your website.

What Does PPC Mean in Marketing?

What Does PPC Mean in Marketing?
What Does PPC Mean in Marketing?

PPC is a great way to make money online or advertise your product online. In this topic I will explain how to eliminate mistakes to get a basic income with PPC. As you know in online marketing PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and the most of income receive those who found a better definition to PPC:  Porn, Pills & Casinos – this three categories of websites generate most of Pay Per Click income. Believe it or not but search engine statistics are beyond our understanding for this three categories. Millions of people visit these categories daily. But it doesn’t mean that you have to create website in these categories to receive tons of clicks. You can simply blog, describe & over write reviews of products that you feel comfortable to talk about. To receive a great PPC income that would be not a bad idea to write articles ahead of others. For example Apple Corporation announced their upcoming iPad product weeks before it came out. That is a perfect opportunity to make a research and write as much as you know about this product. The best way to begin PPC with that article would be publishing it 3-7 days before it comes out in order to let google, yahoo, MSN engines to build an online road to your article. It usually takes up to 7 days for search engines to place your article in the appropriate section.

This is the best way to receive PPC because everything is ready for you! Apple invests hundreds, thousands, perhaps few million to advertise their iPad and you already have an article about it. So when everyone watches TV they see iPad commercial. They begin to search similar words to iPad in Google, Yahoo & AOL. Don’t forget that people misspell things, especially if it is a something new that just came out. You have millions of ways to attract buyers to your article and generate a huge income. Another advantage of having an article is advertising and reselling your favorite products. For example if you wrote 2 pages on the topic of your favorite facial cream – then maybe you could link it to your Ebay/Amazon listing if you don’t have an online store/website yet. Perhaps the best way would be inserting your listing as an HTML directly to your blog on the right side with few PPC links right next to it.

List of Common Questions and Answers about Pay Per Click Advertisement:

What Does PPC Mean in Marketing?

Pay Per Click – is a method of online income and online marketing that allows website owners to advertise their products by placing ads on most visited websites like Google, Facebook & MSN. Person that is placing advertisement has to pay for every new customer that is visiting his website by clicking his add that was placed on most visited websites.

Can you make money with PPC?

Yes, if you are familiar with online marketing & affiliate marketing process or at least own a website that has a good online traffic then you most likely can begin making money with PPC by placing someone’s adds on your website through the Google Adsense or Yahoo Search Marketing!

How much money can you make with PPC?

Lowest income from PPC could be 0.05c/click and then it all depends on the amount of clicks you receive. Sometimes you can get 0.35c or 0.75c per every click. That means that your lowest income from $10/month to $75/month. With a huge online traffic on your website your PPC income could reach $1,500/month.

Why PPC is a better way to advertise products?

Pay Per Click allows businesses to advertise their product through Search Engine Key Words that are used by hundreds of potential customers. It’s an easier way to target exact audience that is interested in advertiser’s product.

What is Yahoo Search Engine Marketing?

Yahoo sponsored search advertising program overture allows advertisers to place their listings on most visited sites including:  MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista and NetZero.

Additions and Tips for PPC – Pay Per Click Online Advertisement: 

You can also advertise your business, service or product with Pay Per Click Services such as: Google Adsense, YPN Beta and Facebook

Advertise with PPC

Well advertising with PPC could be very expansive due to aggressive competition of searched phrases and keywords. For example if you own a carpet store and your competitors paid 0.25c per click on the phrase: “Cut Pile Carpets” – you will have to outbid your competitor by raising a pay per click to 0.35c to use that keyword/phrase to be placed on the right side of Google’s first page results when someone types: “Cut Pile Carpets” This unending war of auction advertisement may go up to $7.50 per one click on phrase/word.

PPC advertising system will cost you less if you can rearrange few words that describe your product, company or service. For example if you see that “Cut Pile Carpets” cost 0.35c to pay, maybe you can think of another word combination that will cost you less and still describes your business. In this case word: “Textured Cut Pile Carpets” could cost you less 0.15c per click.

How it works:

The More you pay per click -> Less chances to show up at the bottom of the search results

The More you pay per click -> faster you will appear on first page / first row of search results

Less you spend -> further to the end your advertisement will be placed

Less you spend -> Less clicks and customers you get per day (unless your title is catchy and price is very low)

Pay per click advertising does not scale If you get more traffic. Your cost per click stays constant. But you have to remember that you pay per click – that means if traffic increases – automatically your clicks increase for which you pay 0.35c/click. Compare that to (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, where you invest a fixed amount of money to achieve a better rank and your cost per click goes down as you receive more traffic

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