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WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms


WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

Why You Should Never Start Your Website with Drag & Drop Platforms?

Drag and Drop Platforms such as Weebly and WIX

WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

1) Your website will be sharing the same IP address with other websites.

Most of Drag & Drop Platforms place your website under the same IP address with other websites. If other websites violate Google policies – then your website could be affected due to shared IP address.

2) Website won’t have options to filter content for comments / content / posts that violate settings and policies of Adsense

Adsense is one of the ways to make decent amount of money online through PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. Adsnese has policies that want your to not display your ads on pages where users post comments that could violate these policies. Therefore WordPress has Plugins that filter out content and automatically block ads on pages that could violate your Adsnese Policies.

3) Weebly Drag & Drop Platform Doesn’t Allow FTP – There Will be no fast & easy method of uploading files to your website

FTP is a fast and easy way to transfer 1G Video in quantities of 50 to 10,000 within minutes depending on your internet speed. If you have many files and videos to upload manually to your drag and drop platform – it might take hours, days and weeks vs WordPress / Hosted website where you can transfer all your files within a click of a button.

4) NO SEO! There will be options for keywords and meta description, google analytics, etc but at the end you will find out that your website’s SEO is Poor.

SEO is being affected by shared IP address on your website. In addition Google admires WordPress platform since it’s been already designed to build a website that would automatically be adjusted to get you the best organic SEO.

5) Most likely you won’t be able to do much with your Domain Name, No Privacy, No Transfers, No Forwarding

Weebly doesn’t allow any additional options when it comes to domain names. Therefore you can’t have 3 website names forwarding your visitors to main website name.

6) If you need to create a basic slideshow – you have to upgrade to next level to pay more money

Many drag and drop platforms like to limit their website builders in many options. For example Weebly limits their users in Slideshows – if you need to create a slideshow – then you would need to upgrade your plan.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

7) Lack of Available Website Designs. Drag and Drop Platforms are rare and not popular – therefore finding decent website design / theme will be very hard

Most drag and drop platforms come with their own website design / theme. Some of them don’t have exact colors, layouts, images and don’t fit your field of business. The worst part is that if you just a beginner and don’t know how to build your own website – you will have very hard time trying to adjust settings, delete images that don’t even resemble your type of content, change the layout, color of menu and any other options. If you know how to build a great website – you wouldn’t ever pick any of these drag and drop platforms. If you are professional web designer and web developer that has a client that wants to pay $40 to design a 5 page website without domain name and without hosting – then drag and drop option is your best choice. This is the only way it is profitable to use any drag and drop platform.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

8) No Developer Options – there will be a very hard time coding 2nd vertical or horizontal menu since all themes come with only one Navigation Menu

When I tried to build a website with Weebly – I already had a good knowledge of coding. Therefore I can tell you that it is very hard to adjust settings, upload files, create JavaScript codes or even change a style-sheet. This means that whatever design you pick – most likely you will have to stay with it for a while until you can afford a professional web developer / web designer and monthly hosting payments. If you do want to invest time and save money – then it is important to do research. WordPress is free application that will change your online business for better.

9) No Options, No Apps, No Extensions for Pop Ups, Light-Boxes of Videos or Slideshows

Weebly doesn’t provide apps, plugins or any extensions to improve your existing website. Therefore consider not having anything unique on your website such as: sticky headers, pop ups with videos, advanced visitor tracking, advanced affiliate marketing or any other additional source of income from your website. WordPress has millions of great plugins and 40% of them are free. Platforms such as Weebly – tend to focus on making money but not helping their customers to generate income.

10) You won’t be able to contact their customer service over the phone, most likely they will respond to you in 3-5 days through email

Weebly and many other drag and drop platforms don’t have customer service phone number. And if they do – most likely they won’t respond to your calls. This is simply because their prices are so low that it becomes not profitable for them to hire representatives. In addition Weebly managers know that if they create customer service – most likely they will have a constant high call volume. Therefore only option is to contact them through email. They respond to all questions within 24 to 48 hours usueally but few years ago it’s been longer than 3-5 days.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

11) Most of the time their Ecommerce options charge you percentage per sale on top of your exisitng payment plan for website, hosting, domain, shopping cart and upgraded level

Most drag and drop platforms offer you monthly or yearly payment which is cheaper by $9-$17 compare to any other Professional Ecommerce Platform but instead of charging one time payment – they choose to add additional percentage per sale charge on every item you sell. Therefore if you sell items that have a high value, big price or heavy in weight for shipping – drag and drop platforms will become the most expansive way for you to sell online.

12) No SSL (manual way to apply SSL), No Sub-domains, No Certificates. Huge lack of Developer / Designer Options.

If you previously purchased SSL certificate somewhere, or if your friend or web designer neighbor can give you FREE SSL – there is no way you can apply this certificate to your existing Weebly Website. Few years ago Weebly didn’t allow sub-domains and I believe that to this day – they don’t allow to create sub-domains. Subdomains are additional domains that become a part of your domain name (shop. yoursite .com).

13) There is No Way to Create a Decent Forum and Attach it to your existing drag and drop website

Weebly offers forum but it has huge lack of options vs WordPress. If you are looking to create a professional forum on your website then Weebly or any other drag and drop platform would be the wrong pick for your project.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

14) No Sign Up Forms, No Registered Users, Limited Options for Sign Up Process

Many drag and drop platforms have quick forms for visitors to contact you through your website. But 99% of them don’t offer your visitors to register. Most of the time if user allowed to register then it is simply to collect their personal information. When it comes to professional web design and web development – sign up / register forms are used to allow visitors to have access to certain parts of the website that is not available to public. Therefore most of the time drag and drop platforms are not the best option for your online business.

15) Doesn’t allow your website visitors to sign up with Facebook (one click sign up with existing Facebook account)

Today mane website visitors are lazy. They don’t want to go through entire process of filling out dozens of forms just to become your website’s registered user. Sometimes their browser or computer won’t let them to finish up sign up process. Therefore some web designers and web developers came out with an idea to let their website visitors to sign up within one click by using existing Facebook account. This process takes less than 2 seconds to sign up and still provides you with all information that you need from your website visitor. Weebly and many other similar platforms don’t allow this amazing feature.

16) Doesn’t allow to place Facebook Box that displays your Facebook Page Likes and Images of visitors that liked your website page

If you go online and read articles from blogs and websites then you probably noticed that some of them have a Facbook Box which displays pictures of Facebook users that clicked like on their Facebook page. This option is not available in most drag and drop platfroms because it uses API, Secret and additional codes. Therefore this great feature is not available on Weebly.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

17) Doesn’t allow your website visitors to rate your articles, content, comments, images.

Would you like to interact with your website visitors? Do you want to know what they think of your written article, news post or latest item that your listed for sale? Then WordPress offers plugins that make it simple to let your website visitors to rate your content from 1 to 5 stars. Same method can be applied to images, posts, pages, items for sale and videos. Weebly… doesn’t have that option.

18) Doesn’t allow to build a Membership website, instead offers to upgrade to next level to pay more money to password protect your pages

If you would like your visitors to become a member, subscriber or submit payment to you for downloading your page, video, song through existing logged in membership – then WordPress would be your best pick. Many drag and drop platforms won’t ever have this option due to lack of their development and limited servers.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

19) Slideshows are limited in Width and Height. No Video Slideshows allowed.

Some drag and drop platforms will limit you on how you can edit theme of your website. Many of them limit width and height of any object on your website. One of them will be slideshows. Today modern websites have slideshows as background of their website. Some modern websites have huge slideshows that take up entire header width. Weebly and many other platforms were designed for other purposes. Their website themes are old and outdated – therefore most likely you won’t be able to expand your slideshow width without decent CSS3 coding knowledge.

20) Doesn’t allow your to save information of your website’s visitor, registered users or customers that made a purchase.

Weebly like many other drag and drop platforms don’t use PHP coding language. I personally find PHP to be a fascinating language. PHP just like JavaScript allows your website to send you email automatically whenever you have a new website visitor. This could be a great option if you selling items on your website, it could be a great security for your website as well. PHP allows you to email you directly from your website with specific message / information about your website visitor. For example – visitor’s location or IP address.

WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

About My Personal Experience with Weebly:

When I was too busy with work and wanted to just create a quick website with Weebly Platform. My goal was to build a fast website that would require less time on design and technical aspects of developing decent website. I just wanted to write quick content and start generating some PPC (Pay Per Click) income based on Google Adsence Ads. Weebly platform looks very promising since their price is low and few years ago was even lower. So I decided to sign up with Weebly, picked a theme, submitted a payment and got my domain name. Once I started building my website – I noticed at the bottom of my footer “Weebly Icon” and I couldn’t remove it manually. I had two options at that time: 1st is to code something through CSS style-sheet to make footer bigger to make that Weebly logo to disappear or to upgrade my plan with Weebly to have an option to remove Weebly Logo at the bottom of my website. I decided to upgrade my website because next level offered additional settings such as: “Slideshows, Adsense Ads, PayPal, Google Tracking Code, etc” – I upgraded my plan and started posting content daily without worrying about things such as coding, designing, developing my website. Once I finished my 97th page of my website – I realized that my Horizontal Menu was too short in width and therefore many of my important categories didn’t fit at the top. I wanted to have two Navigation – 1st Horizontal and 2nd Vertical to the right Side of my website’s body. At that time I didn’t know that I can’t talk to any representatives of Weebly Platform. They offer only email support which takes sometimes up to 48 hours to get to your question. Once I realized there is no phone number or any possible way to get hold of Weebly representatives – I was very disappointed. I started looking into coding to develop my own 2nd menu on weebly platform. The only option I found is to create a menu with HTML code and insert it in tab. But tab had to be a part of a table and table had to be inserted into body of a page. And this process had to be done for every page. This was too complicated so I tried to look into CSS style-sheet and for some reason – it just didn’t allow me to create a 2nd Navigation to the right of my body page. Therefore I had no choice but to start thinking of building custom HTML based menu of ancient years. I needed only 10 more categories that would be displayed on the right side of my website. I accomplished that and moved on to my next problem with weebly… FTP – I had to upload videos very fast that I already had on my computer, until I realized that Weebly doesn’t allow FTP, there is no IP and there is no way to create FTP username and password. I contacted Weebly with a question on how to access FTP and they replied to me in 3 days that Weebly doesn’t allow FTP for security reasons. The only way to upload custom files – is to upload them one by one, manually, through some ancient File Manager on their platform. Their platform takes forever to upload files one by one.

Topic: WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms
WordPress vs Drag and Drop Platforms

I was patiently going through all little problems with Weebly until I completely I got to dead end – SEO. My website wasn’t showing up on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I had over 100 pages of my unique content, nothing was copied, I had backlinks, I had keywords and meta descriptions. I placed my Google Tracking code and I used Google Tools. Nothing worked. Website was displayed in two weeks only for the URL link. So if you would of searched my website’s URL – Google would display Home Page only. I was very disappointed with outcome of my hard work. I started doing research – and then figured out that Weebly is placing all their customers under same IP address. At the same time Google is viewing your website and your website’s IP address. And if somebody is violating policies of Google inder the same IP address – it could affect your website as well. Therefore I wanted to get my own IP address for my website through Weebly. This option wasn’t available by Weebly. This was a completed dead end – because if my website wasn’t showing up on Search Engines – there would be no way to generate PPC income. At the end I decided to delete website, save all my content, get rid of domain name, and copy / paste all my text to another website / domain name. I wanted to transfer domain name – but like usually Weebly didn’t allow this option and / or just wouldn’t give me exact answers on how to access information to transfer my domain name. Therefore I had to build a completely brand new website through WordPress.

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